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{Funnelist Market Watch} Office Design of the Future: Interactive and Mobile

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In a nod to the future of office design, here are a few observations that have surfaced recently in the news:

In an interview with Barbara Carlyle of Pivot Interiors (The Registry SF) on the future of office design:  "The workplace is a strategic financial investment, one that is paramount to attracting and retaining the best talent …think beyond `square foot per employee' formulas. Our research shows that by 2015, the majority of the U.S. workforce will be in their 20s. That generation has their own unique perspective and expectations of what the office environment should be. They are looking for a place where personal connection to work and colleagues increases their productivity and effectiveness through a natural experience of interaction, creativity, and fun. People want to work in a natural environment that connects them to work and to each other."

In an interview published in the San Francisco Business Times, Primo Orpilla of Studio Q & A discussed current office layout trends. "Offices have evolved into more democratic spaces, with a much less hierarchical structure, and executives and management blended with staff. Gone are the cube farms, replaced by relaxed yet functional work environments. These days -- because technology allows you to roam -- you can work anywhere and there is a need for variety. The work place of the past was very sliced and linear, but new environments have people working on couches, in hallways, in the kitchen or a conference room -- not just one place."

This is a fascinating topic because designs constantly evolve as technology evolves. It is exciting to imagine what is around the corner for the office of the future, isn't it? 


By: Jeffrey Weil

Executive Vice President | Colliers International - Walnut Creek

Jeffrey Weil is an executive vice president for Colliers International Walnut Creek. Mr. Weil has specialized in the sale and leasing of commercial properties for 38 years and has achieved CCIM, SIOR and NACORE’s Master in Commercial Real Estate Services with Honors (MCR.h) designations.

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