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{FunnelCast Contributor | Allen Buchanan} Is there ALTRUISM in #CRE?

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Time and information...those are the only two things that we can share as commercial real estate brokers. Those of us who spend our time most efficiently (avoid time wasters) and have the best grasp of the information...such as comparable deals, knowledge of owners, occupant buyer motivation, deal structure nuances, etc. typically will close the most transactions....and make the most dough.

With this thought in mind, and the LARGE time investment that I make in content creation...this post (which is exclusive to FunnelCast readers), my weekly Location Advice post, my Tuesday Traffic Tips video series...a thought occurred to me...why do I do it? Also, I "give away" a great deal of information...FOR FREE!...hmmm? So, why do I seemingly spend "inefficient time" and give away my knowledge? Indulge me as I attempt to explain the two reasons that motivate my actions.


I am on the back nine of my real estate career. I have enjoyed thirty wonderful years in this business. Ala Chico Escuela  in the old SNL sketch...real estate been berry, berry, berry, good to me! I want to give back. The best way I have devised to do so is to freely share my knowledge to all of you :) who watch, read, listen and learn...thanks Mom! Seriously, if a newbie can benefit from "ways to creatively prospect", or an old salt can learn "how to Tweet"...IMHO the industry becomes a better place to live and work. I'd love to leave the industry better that I found it!


Let's face it, ALL of our actions have an amount selfish motivation...right? Even the most benevolent among us occasionally listen to WIFM radio (What's In it For Me). So, selfishly, I want to boost my visibility nationally! I want my name to appear on the top of Google searches when someone searches for "commercial real estate.” The ego boost when someone reads my stuff, watches my videos and positively comments, shares, or retweets the content is amazing. I want to MAKE MORE DEALS!

So actually, I believe that I AM spending my time efficiently and sharing my information in the MOST beneficial ways.

Signing off until next week...Bukester (thanks to Barbi Reuter for the "gloss"), out!


By: Allen Buchanan

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