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Five Top Apps for Real Estate Agents

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More and more, people are using their phones or other portable devices to access the Internet now. Electronic devices have it has largely taken over as the way people do business these days. Going further, a large amount of that work done and the data utilized on small screen devices is from apps, and the real estate industry just so happens to have some incredibly useful apps on the market.The reason? Real estate agents are constantly on the go, looking at neighborhoods, houses, and meeting with different clients in different areas. As such, they need all the information possible at their fingertips. From residential and commercial brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, and even consumers, the real estate business is becoming increasingly reliant on apps. Below are 5 of the best real estate-related apps on the market right now:

- Sitegeist: Sitegeist is an indispensable tool for those in the real estate industry and consumers alike. It gives information on whatever neighborhood you are interested in; commuting trends, neighborhood hot spots, age demographics, schools, political leanings, and many more. Siegeist is a very valuable app for the real estate professional.

- PDFescape: In the real estate business, signatures are needed on a multitude of documents, oftentimes immediately. If you have your signature uploaded digitally, this app can add your signature, upload pdf’s, and send documents to clients and colleagues instantaneously. 

- SignEasy: Another great virtual signature app that is very easy to use.  Draw your signature, and then sign any document on any device at any time, saving lots of trips to the office.

- Google Maps: This may seem to be a no-brainer, or not a cutting edge app, but it is indispensable when a real estate agent needs to discuss where to meet next with clients, or looking for addresses themselves.

- Mortgage Calculator: Real estate agents will tell you, one of the questions they get asked the most is “what will my monthly note be?  Ballpark?” This is a tricky question and answered most often with a “here’s my mortgage broker’s number.” While that is always the final answer, showing them this app will give them a good ballpark number to make their decision, and take the burden off of your powers of deduction. 

Apps, portable devices, and more and more capable phones, have changed the real estate game. These apps will continue to make real estate brokers and agents more efficient and productive, and ultimately, help their bottom line. 

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