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Five reasons your #CRE STUFF doesn't get read

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A week or so ago, Lindsey Kacher from the News Funnel sent me my analytics on the contributions that I have made to this aggregation for the month of August...AKA how many people actually read my stuff. Thanks to ALL FIVE of you who loyally read and read...just kidding. I'm pleased that several hundred of you have taken the time from your busy day to read what I've written. I'm not PAID to do this...I simply enjoy writing content about CRE, social media and the lines that cross each week. The contribution calisthenics caused some cranial consideration on just why stuff DOESN'T get read...and I decided to share my brainstorm with loyal followers!

So WHY doesn't your CRE stuff get read?

Your stuff is frigging BORING. Wow, let's face it, there is an infinite amount of content produced each day. It is overwhelming! If your stuff is not interesting, you won't build a following. Duke Long's posts are a classic example of consistent, interesting, thought provoking content...and his readership proves it!

Your stuff has a BAD TITLE. Boy did I learn this one the hard way! I was asked to speak last year at a conference. There were several other "choices" for the conference attendees during my time slot. The talk hinged around using "new" marketing techniques in a "new" CRE market...good stuff. The talk was titled..."surviving a market downturn"...hmmm, I believe I'll have drinks by the pool instead!

Your stuff is too SPECIFIC. Specific sub-market updates, hyper local news, DEAL stats for commercial real estate, specific transaction requirements for a local market. ALL of these are examples of stuff that will not achieve a wide readership...which may be the goal in the case of hyper local ONLY want to attract the folks interested in your specific orbit.

No one CAN FIND your stuff. You may be producing some phenomenal stuff but you lack good syndication...AKA you have the wrong paper boy. The News Funnel can help, along with theBrokerList to get your content distributed to folks that will read it. 

You're INCONSISTENT in posting your stuff. The best bloggers (content creators) are the most consistent. I can always count on a post from Duke in my inbox on Sundays and Wednesdays. Coy Davidson generally posts his "weekend reads" on Friday. I have attempted to follow this consistency with my Tuesday Traffic Tip video series. Doubt what I'm saying? What is your reaction (if you are over 50) when you stumble out to your front porch at 5:30 AM only to find NO NEWSPAPER! You're pissed...and rightly so...I guess I'll just see what Buchanan posted...


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