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Five #CRE Folks (one Resi) Who "KILL IT" with VIDEO!

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I recently penned a post for this periodical entitled "Three Ways to Achieve Visibility with Video." I appreciate ALL THREE of you who took the time to read the post. If you are among the other MILLIONS that didn't take the time, the CliffsNotes version is that video content must inspire, entertain or educate in order to gain traction. This post is dedicated to my incredibly scientific research on just who is killing it with real estate video content...AKA, who I cannot wait to watch.

So, in no particular Duke-wellian you go.

Howard Kline, CRE Radio and TV. At the urging of some of us close to the Counselor, Howard has begun to produce 3-5 minute video interviews with industry stalwarts in the #CRE biz. I thoroughly enjoyed the recent interview with Steve Forbes. Howard has a unique interviewing style that evokes warmth and information from his guests. INSPIRING, EDUCATIONAL, and ENTERTAINING!

Leigh Brown, Leigh Brown & Associates. I happened upon Leigh quite by accident as I saw her, in Inman News, perched in her palatial studio...AKA her resi brokerage advice (sound familiar) about home staging. Of course, I had to click through. My first reaction was that "imitation is the purest form of flattery"...but OH MY GOODNESS! She has taken brokerage advice video clips to a whole new level, y'all! Her creations, with all of the southern charm of a sorority sister gone Duke Long, is AWESOME. Check her out. You won't be disappointed. ENTERTAINING and EDUCATIONAL.

Michael Bull, Bull Realty and CRE Show. Michael's short one minute clips on "Ask Michael Bull" are tremendous. I enjoy learning from one of the industry's most visible figures. He truly does have a palatial his office, BTW! EDUCATIONAL.

Bridget Willard, Riggins Construction and You Too Can Be A Guru. If you are not familiar with Bridget, drop what you're doing...wait...finish reading first...then check her out. Bridget has PIONEERED the use of social media in the CRE construction trade and recently started her own brand of short video clips entitled "Social Media Minute". I love the way Bridget takes "her show on the road", picks a location and crafts the message around the location...IE: an ATM, a grocery store, a toy store, etc. EDUCATIONAL, INSPIRING, and ENTERTAINING.

Yours Truly, Lee & Associates, Tuesday Traffic Tips. OK, I couldn't resist a shameless plug! I started these over a year ago with the idea of giving back to an industry that has been VERY good to my family and me. I'm not sure I'm killing it, but the kudos and visibility are a great deal of fun!

Did I miss anyone? Please let me know. I would love to hear from you...or better yet, send me a VIDEO clip!


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