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The Faster, the Better

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With the emergence of the Internet came the need for instant gratification. Clients want results and they want them now. Therefore, when it comes to following up with your leads, your motto should be: “the faster, the better.” Technology can be classified as a double-edged sword in the sense that it does make our lives easier, but it also sets expectations extremely high since humans now have to compete with computers.You may be wondering how you can keep up.The key is leveraging the power of your apps and technology to its fullest potential. 

First things first, let’s pinpoint when and why your response time slows down throughout the day.   You may start off the day checking emails and running to meetings but before you know it, you’re having dinner thinking about all the items on your to do list that fell through the cracks – lead follow ups, listing showings, anniversaries, birthdays, the list goes on and on.

You want to offer that highly personalized experience for each and every client, but you need about 10 clones of yourself to make this happen.This is where marketing automation comes into play. With the help of a Real Estate CRM, you can automate your brokerage by setting up follow up plans for your hot, warm, and cold leads one-time and then let the follow-up happen on its own. You can even personalize these email templates to make sure your clients still feel that you are providing them with the highest quality service. Not only that, a client’s birthday or anniversary will never go unnoticed again.

In addition to email and task automation, another great feature of a CRM is that you can track the activity history with your clients and see every task, call, or email associated with their contact record. You can also track important conversations and client specific details to make sure that you don’t forget any critical piece of information.

Start speeding up your lead response time by:

- Leveraging the power of a CRM

- Tracking contact details and classifying your leads

- Determining the proper frequency of outbound emails and follow-up calls that should accompany your hot, warm, and cold leads

- Setting up your marketing automations (either emails or task reminders to remember to follow up with a quick call)

- Think of other key dates or info you want to track about your clients to make the experience even more personalized (this is an additional bonus for the client!)

Once you have this infrastructure in place, you will notice higher lead conversions, more loyal customers, and ongoing referrals.  Every business owner is a marketer at heart so utilize the power of email marketing and automation to convert leads quickly and keep up with the speed of our fast-paced lives. 


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist Think Tech Labs  

Chelsea MacDade is a Marketing Specialist at REthink, a real estate CRM built on the platform. Chelsea began her career with REthink as a Business Analyst, where she customized the REthink application for both commercial and residential clients, delivering tailor-made real estate solutions. Chelsea has experience in, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Project Management, and Client Solution Management.
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