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Enhancing Luxury with a $1 Million Fish Aquarium


There are no limits when it comes to lavish living. While some people want a master chef kitchen, underground parking, or three-story fireplace, one of the hottest current trends is the $1 million fish aquarium. Whether installed in a formal living room, bedroom, hearth room, or even kitchen, a customized aquarium is stunning, interesting, and relaxing.

For many high-end homes, the priciest design element is a fish aquarium with “aquascapes” that resemble an amazing dive or rainforest. In truth, hiring a professional who specializes in designing, developing, and installing million dollar aquariums means your home becomes the envy of everyone.

Underwater Design Element

As explained by Dennis Wightman of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, a home aquarium is actually an interactive piece of art. Because of the price tag, this design element is most often found in the homes of celebrities and other high-profile individuals, but virtually anyone who can afford an aquarium has the same opportunity.

Because million-dollar fish aquariums are custom made, you can choose from virtually any shape and size. For this, you can choose a traditional rectangular shape or go with something a bit more dramatic in the form of a three-story cylindrical aquarium large enough to house literally thousands of fish, as well as coral and plants.

Keep in mind that the more specialized the fish aquarium, the higher the purchase price. For instance, if you want the same aesthetics as a million-dollar aquarium but live on a relatively small budget, you might consider spending $5,000 for a gorgeous 10-gallon tank. However, if the budget allows and you want something grand, you can have a $1 million aquarium designed.

Choosing the Right Aquarium

For starters, no matter the size or shape of aquarium you ultimately choose, the price does not include cleaning and maintenance. You also want to consider specific elements. This includes the fish, but also crystals, coral, rocks, plants, and other scenery. For this, the possibilities are endless. If you enjoy scuba diving, you can have the aquarium designed to showcase one of your favorite trips, or you may go with a rainforest, mountain, or some other design.

Following are some examples of fish aquariums that other people purchased.

  • $50,000, 500-gallon fish aquariums purchased by top celebrities including David Hasselhoff and Shaquille O’Neal

  • $40,000, 1,057-gallon freshwater aquarium designed as an underwater Japanese garden, complete with brown, red, and green plants and LED lights that simulate sunrise and sunset

  • $150,000, 1,600-gallon fish saltwater aquarium that combines fire and water with the installation of a ventless fireplace beneath the aquarium

A World of Possibilities

In meeting with a professional fish aquarium designer, you can look at a portfolio of existing options or have something completely customized. If you choose a customized aquarium, you can present your ideas, and in exchange, the designer creates several options. The result in either case is enhanced luxury for your home that everyone enjoys. It all comes down to creativity and allowing the expert to design an amazing fish aquarium.

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