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Digital Marketing Strategies Proven to Work


Although you may want to do it all when it comes to marketing your real estate development company, you have to be realistic. The fact is that there are multiple opportunities, which is great, but you need to focus on methods that work best for you. Therefore, instead of trying everything, hone in on three to five strategies proven to work.

6 Viable Digital Marketing Strategies

To avoid wasting time, energy, and even money, consider the six digital marketing strategies listed.

  1. Utilize Social Media Platforms—Regardless of which social media platforms you prefer, you want to create the wow factor. Instead of giving potential customers boring, outdated, or useless information, make your social media posts powerful. These posts should be innovative, while outlining a specific solution for the customer’s problem. Especially when it comes to social media, you want to think outside the box, but always keep your posts accurate and honest.

  2. Create a Monthly Digital Marketing Plan—Of all things that go into digital marketing, good planning is vital. Because things change in the world of real estate and marketing, you need to create a new digital marketing plan every month. For instance, if one or more social media sites are not getting the level of interest you want, you have the opportunity to modify text, images, and videos, making them stronger and better with a newly created marketing plan.

  3. Design a Lead-Ready Website—This type of website is designed and developed specifically for attracting and building leads. To make your site a lead generator, never use templates. Although there are some amazing templates available, you want something unique and professionally designed that focuses on your brand. In addition, always incorporate calls to action and provide visitors to your site with well-written blogs that are updated or replaced weekly.

  4. Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—Contrary to what some people believe, SEO is very much alive and well. To gain more leads, you need to optimize your website for search purposes. Keep in mind that Google updates its algorithm regularly, so when choosing someone to design and build your site, make sure that person is aware of and follows the latest Google algorithm rules.

  5. Choose Email Marketing—Another excellent digital marketing strategy involves choosing email marketing. However, for this strategy to work, the emails must be effective, consistent, and fresh. At least twice a month, send out emails to existing and potential customers, letting them know you are still interested in their business. Just be sure that the headline of the email is enticing and powerful. Otherwise, people will not even open the email to read what you have to say.

  6. Invest in Thought Leadership—A final strategy for digital marketing is to be proactive in pitching your business and sharing information about yourself. For this, make sure blogs on your website are real-estate related, send out emails, offer special promotions, get involved in the community, and so on. The goal is to build a loyal following by becoming a real estate professional who people rely on and trust.

Creating Lasting Customer Relationships

The more knowledge you have of the real estate industry and digital marketing, the better your customer relationships. To gain a wealth of information about real-estate-related topics and for assistance in writing powerful blogs, we invite you to visit us at The News Funnel.



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