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Developer Creating Terraced Tower in the Hudson Yards District


Before long, the Hudson Yards district will have a new and innovative tower. A terraced tower called Spiral will be developed near the High Line. The 65-story office tower, developed by Tishman Speyer, is a true masterpiece that will perfectly mesh the indoors and outdoors. The ultimate goal is to extend the natural beauty of the tower.

Remarkable Design Plans

According to the plans, the $3 billion-plus office tower will boast cascading terraces on the exterior, including atriums with ceilings up to 23 feet high, gorgeous foliage, and a glass façade. Recently unveiled, the conceptual designs for the Spiral are beyond impressive.

As part of the skyscraper’s design, Bjarke Ingels, a highly respected Danish architect, will include an outdoor terrace on every tenant floor. Adjacent to the terrace will be an atrium with a glass wall separating the two spaces. Ingels explains that the Spiral will be 1,005 feet tall and include 2.85 million square feet, with roughly 27,000 square feet being dedicated to retail.

Inspiring productivity and creativity is essential, which is why Tishman Speyer wanted a building with unique space to accomplish that goal. Because Ingels takes an organism approach to real estate, he became the obvious choice for the architecture of the tower. Ingels has insight into tectonic shifts from a design perspective, as well as fundamentally, in terms of how people interact with buildings.

In early discussions, Tishman Speyer expressed interest in a design that offered a natural flow from one story to the next. With Ingels’ design, the atriums will feature staircases that connect offices of a specific company with space that is spread out on several floors. As a result, employees can visually see colleagues on floors above and below, though the design also eliminates the need for employees to ride in cramped elevators to reach different floors.

Inspiring Greenery

An integral part of the tower’s design is the greenery. As the tower ascend, plants change from valley to mountain peak themes. Over the past several years, a number of studies have been conducted to determine how foliage in the workplace affects employees. These studies show that workers are notably happier and more productive with greenery in sight.

Offices that feature a roof deck or terrace also increase the value of space by as much as 15 percent, according to Mitchell Konsker, vice chairman at JLL real estate services. Today, outdoor amenities are in high demand by tenants, and as such, there is a positive response from landlords. A prime example is SJP Properties, which in 2011 added several terraces at Eleven Times Square. For leasing, the terraces gave SJP a significant advantage over the competition.

Already, Tishman Speyer has secured equity of $1 billion from investors overseas and is currently looking to pre-lease approximately 30 percent of the terraced tower. Once completed, the Spiral tower will be the fourth-largest tower in the Hudson Yards district, with a design unlike any other.

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