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Design this APP and EVERYONE in the CRE biz will buy it...I PROMISE!


As most of you are aware...OK, probably only the half a dozen or so of you that ACTUALLY read my ramblings...I have been practicing commercial real estate...interesting word practicing. If you were to engage a professional in any, medicine, commercial real estate...wouldn't you want someone that didn't PRACTICE, but actually PLAYED?

But I double digressed. OK, so I have played (doesn't have the same ring) commercial real estate since Nicklaus had 17 majors. Back in the old days, when mustaches and vested suits were hip, preparing for a building tour with a potential buyer or tenant was tantamount to a filing your taxes...a tremendous amount of effort and paperwork with a questionable payback.

I won't bore you with the steps we endured...actually, I will. We had to source the avails from a monthly summary from each major brokerage house; call each broker to find out the missing information not contained in the summary; check (in the same call) on pricing, motivation, anything else of note; create some form of single sheet reference survey. Map...forget it, brochures of each building in the tour...only, if your listing secretary collected brochures and would copy them in B and W, floorplans...maybe, if contained in the brochure, images of the buildings...once again only if the brochure included an image. This process (actually preparing to tour) could take a week or more. That was your SPEED to market!

NEVER in my wildest dreams could I envision a day when ALL of the above steps were automated to the point that surveys, brochures, maps, and images could be sourced and transmitted to our clients in a matter of minutes...from the palm of your hand!

OK, so flash forward. What is the NEXT step in this process? In my opinion, the next step is the VIRTUAL BUILDING SEARCH and the company that figures this out, builds the app (that really works), and gets the product to market will make a fortune...because we will HAVE to USE it or be buried in the shuffle.

So what do I mean by VIRTUAL BUILDING SEARCH? A search that contains everything you need to tour space...without visiting the building. You guessed it, a SEARCHABLE VIRTUAL VIDEO TOUR for every commercial real estate building in the market.

Gaze into the prepare a survey of available space and schedule a meeting with your client VIRTUALLY. You take a look at all of the spaces/buildings that meet your client's criteria...all from the comfort of your local coffee shop, your office or the client's office. You ONLY physically tour the buildings/spaces that work. WHERE DO I SIGN UP?



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