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Creating a Successful Digital Advertising Campaign Using 6 Vital Steps


To be successful in your real estate business, you need to devise a strong advertising campaign. This campaign must be customized, so that ultimately you provide each client with a unique experience. One of the most powerful ways of advertising your commercial or residential real estate business involves digital techniques.

6 Steps for a Strong Digital Advertising Campaign

To make sure your digital advertising campaign is effective, consider the six steps outlined. A successful campaign is comprised of fundamentals that you need to follow. In a business-to-business world enriched by technology, you have to differentiate your real estate company from the competition. Although challenging, these creative concepts, along with a flawless execution, lead to success.

  1. Develop a Superior Creative Concept—Start by devising a creative concept. The campaign needs reference points such as brand recognition so that potential clients know who you are and what your company represents. The goal is to provide a specific solution, one that is creative and memorable. By creating a memorable concept, you take potential clients off-guard, naturally prompting interest and attention.

  2. Know Your Target Audience—If you don’t know the audience, you will never succeed. In addition to knowing who your customers are, you want to gather information on the sites they visit by using behavioral and geographic targeting. With this, you have the ability to target your digital advertising campaign so that it reaches the intended audience.

  3. Create a Call to Action—A call to action is a critical part of any campaign. The call to action is designed to tell potential clients what they will get as part of the transaction. In other words, in exchange for taking an actionable step, the client receives something. For instance, getting the client to opt-in and provide an email address leads to a discount, free e-book, monthly newsletter, and so on.

  4. Optimized Landing Page—Your website landing page offers necessary information for converting visitors to viable customers. Be sure there is consistency between the digital advertising campaign and the website landing page. In addition, be sure that benefits are clearly outlined in a professional yet simple manner.

  5. Track and Monitor—Use different programs and tools to track and monitor customer activity. By taking advantage of these solutions, you know how people are finding your site, how long they stay, whether they are submitting requests or registering, and so on. Based on the information, you can tweak things to make the site more enticing.

  6. Retargeting Efforts—Use every opportunity for getting digital advertisements in front of the targeted audience. With retargeting efforts, your ads will follow potential clients as they conduct online searches. Ultimately, this will help drive a conversion.

Utilizing Professional Assistance

In addition to a strong digital advertising campaign, you need to know when professional assistance is required. Rather than a form of weakness, asking for help is a sign of strength. For instance, if you need help in creating content that drives traffic and increases conversions, our team of professional writers at The News Funnel will work with you in achieving success.



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