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CRE Technology...that I actually use...EVERY DAY


When I am not being disrupted (as ALL CRE techno companies are convinced they are doing to me as a commercial real estate broker), I actually broker a bit of commercial real estate. I am deeply enamored with the technology space, the efficiency in my activities that technology has created, and the bright future of our industry...with FULL disclosure that the industry hasn't changed much since Neil Armstrong took one small step for THAT was DISRUPTIVE! With that disclaimer framing my greying temples (catch the fifty shades reference?)...let me proceed to outline the CRE technology that I have embraced...AKA, use EVERY day.

REA. My go to CRM. Much to the dismay of Matt Smith (love the guy, BTW!) I have not signed up for REA live and the complimentary suite of REI Wise, Buzz Target, Property Line, and Ten Eight. Mostly because I am thrifty...errr, cheap...AND because the desk top and on line CRM still do not play nicely together.

Digsy. I REALLY believe that sites like Digsy can change the way that CRE leads are generated. I do believe, however, that Mr. Bermudez has a few chinks in the Digsy armor. The way in which we, as CRE brokers, compete for the deals encompasses the speed in which we respond to emails, closure rate with Digsy, and experience in the biz...GREAT idea, but email server speeds may cause the return to text alerts...CONSTANTLY improving.

The News Funnel: My favorite source for all things happening within my specialty and location. I particularly love Wednesdays...when my posts appear :)

theBrokerList. Since Linda Day Harrison went to an RSS feed for our blogs, the interface is far superior to previous versions. I can't wait to take a look at theBrokerList daily for insightful posts by the industry's BEST.

CoStar Go. SIMPLY.THE.BEST mobile platform for CRE inventory...and our checkbooks have the debits to prove it.

Buildout. BEST.KEPT.SECRET in our world. I was introduced to Buildout last year by my friend Linda Day Harrison. We have been testing the product for the past 45 days...PHENOMENAL. Want to be out the door lickety split with a quality brochure, and website, and syndication ability, and a postcard, and, and, and...check it out!

MailChimp. I love MailChimp because IT IS FREE. Plus, it is VERY intuitive and easy for us old geezers to use.

DropBox. EVERYHING is saved here...and I can get to it on the fly. A bit clunky to forward PDFs but my workaround is IAnnotate.

Keynote. Easy, simple, fast...and now converts presentations to Power Point format seamlessly.

So, to use Golf Channel parlance, there you have "what's in my bag"...

BTW, I am looking for a BAG SPONSOR. If any of you out there would like to pay me stupid jack to pimp your stuff...Hmmm, naaah, I'll just keep my objectivity, thanks!


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