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CRE Takes a Backseat

As I'm writing this post, I am watching our eight week old grandson swinging comfortably in his fisher price contraption. Want to create a disruption?  Build a similar swing for office use. His morning nap graces cherubic cheeks and the occasional dream, or gas causes him to frown. My wife says my gas causes her to frown, but I digress. I should be schlepping commercial real estate, but I have brief baby duty as his Dad works in our home based biz, his Mom is selling forklifts, and his Nana, AKA, my beautiful bride of thirty six years ran to a quick appointment. The house is quiet and it should be...just Papa and TA. 
I ponder the importance of what I do on a daily basis. These small respites allow me to recharge, reassess, and regurgitate...I learned that from our grandson...a few things that take a backseat to, family, and personal. 
Each of us charges out the door, daily, or lock ourselves in a home office in an endless pursuit of the next deal, the big hit, the top score. Pinstriped hamsters, we are, running in circles lest that little steel wheel should stop spinning. I am here to say, step off sometimes! You can always jump back on at the next stop. 
Nana is back. Time for some grub. Nap time is over. Guess I should wake the baby. 
My small advice to you today, allow CRE to take a backseat, you won't regret it.


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates

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