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I must admit, last week was a BLUR! Yes, we are grandparents! Thomas Allen Harper arrived on September 2, 2015 to a couple of bleary eyed parents, two exhausted grandparents, and all manner of uncles, friends, mid wives and twenty first century gadgetry that now calibrates in every birthing suite. Yes, Mom and baby are awesome...thanks for asking. 

Once the fog lifted, I had a chance to reflect upon the birth, life, and commercial real that order. 

September 2, 2015 changed our lives forever. The emotion that overtook me at first gaze...that "where the hell did that come from" sort of emotion...I've only experienced on five prior occasions...seeing Carla walking down the aisle, the birth of Blake, Mike, and Paige, and Paige in her wedding dress. We now have a perfect little fellow to love, nurture, and dress for Halloween. I know for a fact that he smiled first at me. 

The next generation of Buchanan/Harpers has arrived. Paige, our youngest, has always done things first. She even had her sweet sixteenth birthday at age fourteen. No wonder, she was the first to get married and propagate. Her older brothers and sister-in-law looked on in awe as Paige and Joshua piloted the plunder of all those baby showers...who knew someone so tiny would require all that the same day. 

Commercial real estate still matters. I suffered through the remainder of last week as the remnants of a night spent in the lobby of a hospital gestated inside me akin to some of the maternity ward's vacant wombs. I am too damn old to pull all nighters. At first the CRE tasks seemed perfunctory compared to the climatic event on Wednesday. But as I muscled through the mundane, I realized that CRE made this possible. ALL of this. I am deeply grateful to God for our newest family member, the health of our daughter, the love of her husband, the attentive caring of my wife, the visits from family and friends, the high fives and knowing winks from those in the office that preceded me, and a career that allowed me the freedom to experience what is truly important. I pray for your future, TA. If your life is anything like mine has been, you will be the most blessed man on Earth. 


By: Allen Buchanan

Principal, Lee & Associates




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