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During one of the largest tech events of 2014, Dreamforce (hosted by Salesforce) musician, entrepreneur, and philanthropist,, introduced his new smartband device, i.amPULS. It may appear to be a watch at first glance, but don’t be fooled, it is much more powerful than just another smartwatch. Not only is it packed full of cool features and functionality, but it also looks more fashionable than a typical, clunky smartwatch. Its curved screen and sleek design makes it appear more like a bracelet, as opposed some of its competitors. Let’s take a look at what this smartband can do!

- Makes/ receives calls independently of any smartphone - most wearables require a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone

- “Voice first, touch second” functionality – acts as a personal assistant that responds to voice prompts rather than just a touch screen

- Manages your calendar and schedules appointments

- Dictates your texts and emails for you

- Provides directions and navigation

- Plays music

- Posts to social media

- Fitness tracking

- Integrates with your favorite apps, like Facebook and Twitter

- Charged through a charging jacket – anytime you are wearing the jacket and the smartband touches the sleeve, it will automatically charge itself

- Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled with 16GB of storage

How will wearables affect real estate? I am sure you have heard some of the recent hype around wearables from companies like Google and Apple, but has entered the market and will create some heavy competition amongst some of the bigger brand names in the tech industry. 

A band like the i.amPULS will be a game changer in real estate. Think of when you’re rushing from your properties to your next appointment and how easy it would be to just dictate email responses and text messages with your clients through your i.amPULS smartband. Or while your sitting in traffic, on the way to the office or a meeting, you can play your favorite tunes and update your Facebook and Twitter posts through your smartband. How about when you are navigating from one listing to the next, you can have directions right on your wrist and it will also be tracking the number of steps you’ve taken and calories you’ve burned that day. This new wearable smartband will make you the superhero of your brokerage.        


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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