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Cities with the Greatest Aging Movement


When it comes to the senior movement in the United States, some cities are aging quicker than others. According to census experts, more than 100,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. As such, there will be 50 percent more Americans over the age of 65 by the year 2050 than there are today. In just 34 years, roughly 82 million people will be 65.

Although the entire US will be affected by the aging movement, some regions will be impacted more than others. To determine the primary areas, 2014 data for the 53 largest metropolitan statistical areas from the American Community Survey was examined, focusing on regions with the highest percentages of seniors.

Long Patterns of Senior Migration

Topping the list is Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. Today, 18.7 percent of residents are over the age of 65—well above the national average of 13.3 percent. Tucson, Arizona, with its warm and dry air, had 17.5 percent while humid Miami was at 17 percent—also above the national average.

Although climate plays a role in the migration of seniors, it is not the main draw. Some of the heaviest areas for the aging movement are in the Rust Belt. Pittsburgh ranks number two at 18.3 percent, while other towns, including Buffalo, Cleveland, Rochester, Providence, Hartford, St. Louis, and Birmingham, also have a heavy population of seniors.

Largest Gains

As stated, some areas of the country have a much heavier population of seniors, as well as faster growth rates. Although climate is one factor, a much bigger reason that people over 65 migrate to certain locations is cost of living. Atlanta, Georgia is a prime example where the population of people 65 and older grew a whopping 20 percent over a four-year period, followed by Raleigh, North Carolina and Las Vegas, Nevada.

In addition to cost of living, many aging seniors still enjoy an active lifestyle. For that reason, much of the aging population wants to live where they can afford rent but also enjoy life to its fullest. This is one reason why Portland, Oregon experienced a huge growth of seniors in recent years. There, housing is affordable and people are offered many exciting things to do and see. Along with Portland, cities like Austin, Charlotte, and even Denver are top migration points.

Simply put, aging Americans want a fulfilling life without having their entire nest egg consumed by expensive rent. This is why people 65 and older move to certain cities where they get the most of everything. In addition to affordable cost of living, climate, and lifestyle, many older people migrate to city cores to live in apartments and townhomes close to family members.

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