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Choosing Powerful Commercial Marketing Strategies


After being awarded a commercial real estate listing, be prepared to do even more work. You now need to take the right steps to deliver on the promise you made for selling that property in a timely manner and for the highest price possible. Obviously, the goal is to keep your new client happy while not becoming totally stressed out. With the right marketing strategies, you can accomplish both.

Customized Marketing Package

To sell the newly listed commercial property, you first need a distinctive marketing package. Although you never want to rush through the process, you want to complete this relatively quickly. Instead of using a generic marketing plan, you want something customized. The goal is to tell a personalized story about each listing—something that qualified buyers will find engaging, so they want to learn more.

Think of each commercial property separately and make a list of different features that distinguish one property from another. This might be magnificent waterfront or skyline views, high-tech features of the building, innovative amenities like smart technology, or perhaps old-world charm and history.

No matter what the distinguishing factors are, write about them and use high-resolution images on the front of the marketing package to create a visual effect. For properties that aren’t aesthetically pleasing, use an image of a nearby attraction, easy highway access, and so on.

Online Listing Page

It is also important to create a powerful online listing page. Although you can create a listing for each property on your personal website, putting the listing pages on your business website is recommended. For an even more favorable response, add the listings to blogs as well. Using your business site gives these listings a dedicated place. Make sure every listing page is professionally written, again telling a story, and always include quality photographs and/or videos.

Listing Website

If you prefer, you can use any number of reputable listing services so that you ultimately end up with an actual online listing website. When going this route, be sure you find the perfect balance between too much and too little information. The goal is to provide enough details to attract interested buyers but not so much that they never contact you to learn more. In addition, make sure the unique characteristic of each property are highlighted.


While some people think that email marketing is dead, the truth is that this form of marketing is very much alive and successful. Using your own internally created database of potential buyers, as well as real estate brokers, you can market commercial properties effectively. To increase visibility, consider a third-party service. No matter which option you choose, remember that quality content is imperative.

Of all the different marketing strategies used for commercial real estate, an effective marketing plan is essential. With this, you maximize the chance of getting the property sold quickly and for the asking price.

Superior Site and Blog Content

As mentioned, regardless of whether you put commercial listings on your website, use blogs, or send out emails, the content must be superior. If you need some assistance in coming up with compelling ideas for your listings, or perhaps need a professional writer to actually create the content, our team at The News Funnel has the right expertise.



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