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Chicago’s Pangea Properties Named as Best Company for Employees


Just recently, Pangea Properties in Chicago received the honor of being named one of the city’s “Best and Brightest Companies to work for” by the National Association for Business Resources. In today’s world where many people are unfilled in their jobs or stress from low wages and poor job stability, it is nice to see that some companies go above and beyond to create a positive working environment for employees.

The organization that named Pangea as being a great place to work recognizes businesses across the country proven to give employees outstanding work environments through insightful human resource and innovative practices.

What made this latest award so special is that just two weeks prior, Pangea was named as the third-fastest growing company in Chicago on the annual Fast Fifty list. Published by Crain’s Chicago Business, Pangea reported 2014 revenue of more than $68 million, a significant jump from 2009 when revenue was only $450,000.

Standing on Strong Principles

According to Steve Joung, CEO and cofounder of Pangea Properties, the company works on the principle that a successful business starts by putting together an incredible team and then providing them with an enjoyable environment where they can work but also share ideas.

He added that by hiring people who believe in and stand by the company’s mission of creating and maintaining a dedicated workforce in areas that are underserved coupled with various community outreach programs, employees actually gain a sense of partnership. This also ensures that neighborhoods are better served, which prompts improvement.

Every year, literally hundreds of applicants make submissions to the “Best and Brightest” competition. As part of the process, finalists are carefully analyzed in a wide range of areas to include the following examples.

  • Benefits and Employee Solutions
  • Employee Enrichment
  • Strategic Company Performance
  • Community Initiatives
  • Employee Education and Development
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Employee  Achievement and Recognition
  • Communication and Shared Vision

Based on the company structure coupled with philosophies, more than 450 people are now employed. Pangea also appoints team leaders and executives who meet on a regular basis to review employee feedback. Although there are some formal gatherings, many are information, which consists of brainstorming meetings and regularly scheduled luncheons.

Encouraging and Supporting Company Employees

In addition, an employee satisfaction survey is conducted twice a year whereby company strengths and weaknesses are identified and discussed. However, there are many additional features of Pangea that make it stand out from the competition.

For example, employees are encouraged to complete education and provided with support to further professional development. Employees of Pangea also participate in various volunteer programs organized by the company to include park cleanups and food drives.

As expressed by Joung, Pangea is a group of professional and dedicated team players who work extremely hard to make the company a success. With everything offered, Pangea is an incredible place to work, which is why it has been the recipient of many coveted awards.

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