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Checking the Security of Your Real Estate Blogs


Although millions of people blog daily, interestingly not all have a true understanding as to the security of their blog website. Often, people are in such a huge rush to be the first who reports breaking news, an upcoming trend, new home showing, and so on, they overlook the most important step, making sure the blog has protection against attack.

Among the different platforms that people use to create blogs, WordPress is by far the easiest and most convenient, as well as free. For these reasons, WordPress is also highly popular. In fact, of all UPS, TED, and CNN publications, open source WordPress powers roughly 25% of the internet.

With this particular program, bloggers have immediate access to a brilliant content management tool capable of managing text, as well as posts, comments, links, photos, and videos. However, even with all the bells and whistles that WordPress offers, it is imperative not to overlook the value of security and preventative maintenance.

Preventing a Cyber-Attack

Of the different attacks that people using WordPress face, several in particular stand out. However, of those, six are among the most common complaints for which there are security fixes the help prevent cyber-attacks.

  1. Updates – Literally, everything needs updating to include design template, plugins, and more. With this, the most recently known hacking problems are blocked.

  2. Backups – To protect databases and blogs on the site, regular backups are essential, especially when code is modified

  3. Passwords – Using predictable or weak passwords is a sure-fire way to experience an automated password attack. Therefore, be creative when choosing a password, use both lower and upper case letters, insert a special character, and change the password periodically.

  4. Child Theme – Rather than change the original Theme code so blogs have a customized function or appearance, create a Child Theme, which is a partial overlay of the Theme. Along with paid versions, there are numerous free themes, each keeping the blogger in control of what is visible online.

  5. Hosting Services – Although it is important to use plugins offered by WordPress such as WordFence that helps protect against malware and hacks, it is also critical to choose a hosting service that uses state-of-the-art security and follows strict security practices. For instance, for file access, transfer, and management, a hosting service that offers Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is preferred.

  6. Monitoring – Ongoing monitoring also protects a blog website. This is something that a blogger can do unless faced with time constraints in which case a paid service works great.

The level of security you choose for your blog website should always be in proportion to the value of what needs protected. In addition to keeping content safe, it is vital to provide protection for existing and prospective clients, keeping proprietary information safe

Getting Help with Blog Writing

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