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Today, I will venture into the techno realm once again and discuss one of the BEST new sites to grace my presence in quite some time...BUILDOUT. Before I venture, a bit of context...

In 2009, I experimented with Craig'sList as a means to market to small space users. I found that I had several small spaces in inventory and needed a creative way to get them leased. As I scoured the Craig'sList entries (remember this was 2009 and there wasn't alot of CRE being transacted, so I had some spare time) I happened upon several ads that looked VERY professionally produced. I figured the production of these ads must be expensive, but took a plunge and searched the name at the bottom of the ads...Postlets. Eureka, the world of FREE listing syndication opened like a vein of gold in the Russian River. Postlets, now owned by Zillow and unavailable to commercial properties was a FREE service that allowed a commercial real estate professional to enter information on as many listings as your happy fingers could type. Once entered, Postlets created a professional website, a gallery of your listings (complete with a URL for use in blogs, websites, or email signatures). A video URL was available for every entry...if you took the time to record one. But the REALLY cool thing about Postlets was the syndication feature...AKA ability to push the listing to two or three dozen social media sites. I mourned (and bitched to anyone that would listen) the day that Postlets was no longer available to commercial properties! Linda Day Harrison was kind enough to field one of my rants which led her to introduce me to BUILDOUT.

BUILDOUT is a every broker's dream! Email campaigns, document vaults, listing syndication, demographics, reports and analytics, mapping, websites for every property, as well as brochures, postcards, and packages are at the tip of your fingers! What drives every commercial real estate professional to drink (or if you have your staff do it, them to drink) is the myriad changes that occur to collateral during a marketing process...pricing changes, spaces new to the market, spaces that lease or sell, square footage changes...please shoot me 'cause I don't drink! That sound you hear is shot glasses around the country being emptied and retired...because BUILDOUT handles any changes to your listings seamlessly...make the change once and EVERYTHING is updated! Even, scheduled email marketing campaigns with attachments are updated.

BUILDOUT is not FREE but it is darn close. Check it will fall in love again!



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