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Building a Successful Commercial Development Marketing Strategy


As a real estate developer, you have tremendous opportunities for inspiring and enticing possible buyers. Although word of mouth remains a powerful marketing tool, you cannot overlook the benefits of having a digital strategy as well. For this, the strategy must be comprised of branding, web design, search marketing, and lead generation.

Start by making a list of specific goals, project timelines, and sales objectives. Based on that, you know what you need to accomplish. As for the digital strategy, this is critical to your overall success.


The brand is your story, something that lends a perception and voice to what you do. The brand is your core value, as well as an honest representation of your real estate development company. To connect with clients, you need answers to some key questions, such as:

  • What do you value and believe in?

  • What is your purpose?

  • What is the best way to provide clients with value?

  • What are the problems that you solve?

  • What is the tone of your voice?

  • Who are the people that you help?

By learning the answers to these questions, you begin to gain better understanding. It is important to be authentic, as opposed to being something or someone you are not. Simply put, the brand is a set of stories, memories, relationships, and expectations on which a potential buyer makes a decision.

Web Design

As part of your marketing strategy, you need a professional website that becomes your initial meet and greet with existing and potential customers. Remember, customers want to work with someone they trust, but also a developer who has their best interest at heart. Therefore, you need a website that offers visitors superior content, images, videos, well-written blogs, and easy navigation.

Remember, within the first few seconds of visiting your site, customers form an opinion. Because most people in the real estate development industry are visual, you have to provide images and videos of interest—things that are eye-catching and beautiful. In addition, focus on fonts, styles, colors, and 3D elements that identify your brand.

Other Important Factors

In addition to branding, your marketing strategy must encompass other factors, such as those mentioned.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—Customers must be able to find your website quickly and easily when conducting an online search, which is why optimization is so important. Be sure to follow the current algorithm guidelines set by Google.

  • Lead Generation—Without question, lead generation is what makes potential buyers interested in what you have to sell. Regardless of whether leads come from your website, social media, or referrals, you need to offer valuable content in exchange for the customer’s contact information.

  • Designed to Sell—As a real estate developer, it is your responsibility to create a place that potential buyers find desirable. For all of the marketing strategies implemented, the goal remains the same: attracting qualified buyers.

Reaching Your Audience with Blogs

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