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Blogging Tips to Overcome the Real Estate Marketing Blues


Even the best real estate bloggers face “writer’s block” or feel uninspired on occasion. This is primarily because professional bloggers take their craft seriously and as such, constantly strive to provide something new and innovative. Obviously, this creates pressure that can turn into marketing blues. If you find yourself in this position, there are ways to get past the lull of blog writing.

Helpful Suggestions

The great thing about blogging is that even if you are a beginner, with practice you can quickly become one of the top bloggers in the real estate industry. Whether struggling to get started as a new blogger or having a hard time coming up with new ideas as a seasoned blogger, the following suggestions will inspire.

  • Blogging is a Joy Not a Burden – Compared to marketing through posters, billboards, or flyers, blogging is a more efficient method for reaching current and potential clients. By embracing and viewing blogging as a necessary tool for achieving success, getting creative will be easier. In other words, sometimes a simple mind adjustment is the only thing needed.


  • Sharing Content – If you are experiencing the marketing blues because the level of traffic to your real estate website has decreased, consider sharing content with leads by building an email list for marketing. Using your current customer relationships is an excellent way to get blogs shared.


  • Blog Design – You may also need to change the real estate blog design currently being used. Make sure all of your blogs are structured properly to include single column along with the right balance of white space and design elements. In addition, add photos to your blogs, use a relative but also attractive font, and be sure your blogs can be read via computer and mobile device.


  • Blogging Data – After your blogs have been posted for a little while, use different tools such as Google’s Analytics to track sessions, the number of clicks, time-on-page, and other critical points. That way, you can make adjustments accordingly to ensure better results.


  • Keyword Revitalization – The keywords used in your real estate blogs are also critical to success. Use keywords that are relevant, those that will spark interest among buyers and sellers. If your blogs contain the wrong keywords, you will never see an increase in traffic. Now, if you have a well-written blog but it is not producing the desired results, consider modifying the keywords and then give it some time to perform. If wanted, you can use Google Adwords to identify the top keywords that people search by for real estate and then incorporate some into your blogs.

Writing Assistance

As you already know, the goal in writing real estate blogs is to provide readers with enticing content. With the right approach, attitude, work ethic, and tools, you can easily accomplish this goal. Obviously, having some general knowledge of writing blogs will help but if not, our team of professional writers can assist. The News Funnel offers a wealth of information in the form of blogs but also the opportunity for you to post some incredible content that generates action.



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