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Best Practices Used by Leading Real Estate Agents


In the world of real estate, agents rely on proven but also innovative solutions for success. This is an extremely competitive industry and without knowing and implementing best practices, getting ahead of the competition is tough.

Helpful Strategies

One area of real estate that plays a vital role in how well an agent performs and succeeds is marketing. For this, there are many different opportunities, each sharing a common goal while presenting different characteristics.

  • Website Design – It is imperative to have a professionally designed website, one that represents you and the type of services offered. The site needs to also have outstanding content that draws visitors in, one or more calls to action to establish a business relationship, and links where people can go to gain more information or additional answers. The website should also be easy to load and navigate, which is accomplished by avoiding over-the-top color schemes, animations, and large graphics.


  • Social Media Networking – One of the most powerful practices used by top agents comes in the form of social media. For this, there aremany unique options to include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, and the list goes on. Without question, social media is the hottest method for real estate advertising and marketing. With this, promotions can be listed, open houses marketed, agents and potential buyers notified of price drops, and much more.


  • Communication – Whether by phone, email, through the website, a monthly newsletter, blog, or some other avenue, top realtors understand the value in maintaining communication with both existing and potential clients. The goal is to remind people that you are the expert and capable of providing assistance with real estate needs. By doing this, the next time an individual wants to buy or sell a home, find a contractor for a commercial building, or show interest in a real estate investment your name is what will come to mind.


  • Create and Maintain a Professional Image – Especially with social media, remember that people visiting your business page will see everything. Although sipping a cocktail with your spouse during off-business time is perfectly innocent, a simple photo can be misconstrued, leading to lasting damage. Leading agents keep personal and business separate on social media sites for this very reason.


  • Know the Customer – Whether a renter, buyer, seller, investor, or developer, it is essential to know your customer. This involves knowing the type of person for each service, the market, what people look for, and so on. However, this also means taking the time to know clients individually. In other words, you have to have a good understanding of every real estate market but also the client.


  • Follow-Through – In the world of real estate, things move very quickly so forgetting to call someone back or following up with an individual or company as promised is all too common. However, if you want to achieve a high level of success and be taken as a serious professional, follow-through is critical. To help with this, there is a number of outstanding software programs designed specifically for realtors that have reminders to keep you on track.

Real Time Real Estate News and Information

With real estate being so competitive, the faster and easier you can gain information or read a news article the better position you will be in. At The News Funnel, our team of professionals does all the work on your behalf so all you have to do is click the mouse and instantly be linked to a massive library of relevant data. Used by buyers, sellers, developers, builders, investors, and other agents, our site is a valuable one-stop-shop.



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