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The Best (and EASIEST) Marketing Tool for Real Estate Professionals


On The News Funnel's platform, we have hundreds of blogs. From across the country. And throughout every spectrum of the industry.

Developers, brokers, architects, engineers, capital sources etc. But the interesting thing about all of these blogs is that 90% of them are from companies, NOT individuals.

It’s actually rare these days to find a company WITHOUT a blog. Whether they are written by the CEO, the marketing department, a ghostwriter or a PR firm, these blogs have become Marketing 101 for any good marketing program. Build a website, create a social media campaign, generate publicity, sponsor/host events, AND WRITE A BLOG.

It’s interesting to also note than in many other industries, professionals write blogs with much greater frequency than in real estate. In finance, in tech, in media, in healthcare; there are tens of thousands of professionals writing great blogs with great frequency.

So why is it so uncommon to find real estate professionals writing their own blogs? Of course there are several great examples of those that do:

Now this is not to say that real state professionals are not embracing social media. Many, many are. Just look at how many are on LinkedIn. But if you think that simply repurposing other people's news stories, or posting inspirational photos and quotes is getting you anywhere, you are mistaken.

While sharing content you find enjoyable may help get you noticed in the digital world, the only meaningful to build your brand as a business professional is by publishing your own original content. 

Which brings us back to blogging. It is the easiest, most effective and impactful marketing tool a professional can use. As an example, try doing a Google search of Jeremy Neuer, Duke Long, Barbi Rueter, Coy Davidson, Jon Schultz or Allen Buchanan. See how their original content via

their blogs comes up in that search.

Now try to do the same on your name (if you don’t blog of course) and compare the results.

So, create original content in the form a weekly blog on your industry, your business, and/or your perspective.

You WILL become a thought leader. 

You WILL differentiate yourself from competitors. 

You WILL gain new business.  (Read Allen Buchanan's post about actual business generated from his digital presence if you don't believe us). 

If you need help getting started with your own personal blog or a company blog, The News Funnel can help. Our team of expert real estate writers can create compelling and shareable content that captures your unique personality to jumpstart your digital presence. Email for more details.

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