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Be PRESENT in CRE, Even When You Aren't...


Last week I recanted my travails while traveling. For those of you who missed the missive, a brief review. I spent three days, in one afternoon, huddled in an airport in Little Rock, Arkansas waiting for Allegiant Airline (purposely singular as they appear to only have one plane) to dispatch a mulligan for the OB (aborted flight from the day before.) I was forced to skip an important tour of one of my listings in California...but was able to pen my News Funnel post for the week...ALL was not lost!

The tour I skirted was another issue. I had had two building owners (my clients), two tenant rep brokers (who would love to snag my clients for their very own), my capable marketing associate, and five members of the prospective tenant contingent ALL descending upon a building that I would like to get leased or sold VERY badly...and I was grounded in the state of my birth! What's a motha to do, huh? 

Was it critical that I be present at the tour?  No, the space would have been viewed...but, I would have missed crucial feedback from the prospect and their team...which I needed to effect a deal. Ok, so here is how I was PRESENT from 1600 miles away...FACETIME! Yeah, I know, I know, look into it, right? But how few of us actually use this technology? For me, it was a game changer. I met (virtually) all of the players, heard their reactions, concerns, and was able to participate in the conversation...and even offer a bit of direction on a warehousing challenge. In effect, I was THERE! 

UP PERISCOPE! Thanks to Matt Smith, Maxwell Finn and James Milner, I piloted my VERY first Periscope video this afternoon. 24 people tuned in and I received lots of hearts...most of which came from Alex Markson. If you want to REALLY be PRESENT, check out this app. You will be seeing a lot more of me on Periscope as my wheels were spinning while producing the scope...I sound like I know what I'm doing...I don't. 


By: Allen Buchanan

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