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Ask LDH - What's the Best SM Marketing Tool for CRE?

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@theBrokerList @TNF_RE if you had to use only 1 social media for CRE marketing - which one would you choose?

— Target Realty Corp (@TargetRealty) November 12, 2014

Linda Day Harrison, CPM,CCIM

Founder at theBrokerList 

A: Fantastic question and I never looked at that as a possibility, because every social media platform offers a different twist, but on the other hand, I think for business, LinkedIn is the most powerful and relevant today.  

But, I would say the most accurate answer is to utilize the platform you are most comfortable using and proves to be the most effective for your company. My suggestion would be to try all of them and whatever gives you the best results personally is the one to learn and master. I say master, because I think that is the greatest pain point of all of our marketing today. 10 years ago we had nothing, today we have so much. That is what makes it hard. Actually, if you can master one single platform and do it well, that is 99 percent of the battle. So, let’s say you have a company website. The website is sitting there and there is basically no traffic to that site unless you promote it. So, that is where social media is most powerful. LinkedIn brings in tons of traffic. Why? Because, LinkedIn is a true target market tool. If you are on LinkedIn, those people who gravitate to your profile are generally people interested in what you have to say or do. Also, if you belong to groups, those groups should be groups that reflect the audience for your product. So, if you want people to view your content or information on your website, you need to use LinkedIn to pull them to those pages.

Overall, I would experiment. I would push every single page and blog to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. and start to see where you get the most traffic from. Once you narrow it down, focus on that one single tool and master it. For instance, I am teaching myself how to use every facet of Twitter. Twitter has much to offer, but so many of us are spread thin and do not have the time to learn all it has to offer. The same with Facebook. I rarely use Facebook, other than to post stuff. I do not dig down deep into Facebook to master it. I am not a huge Facebook power user. I have not mastered Facebook or learned the ins and outs of it. But, I do love LinkedIn and have been using it for 10 years now. Also, LinkedIn integrates with Twitter, so I focus on those two platforms as they integrate nicely.

The other platform that so many find to be wonderful to drive traffic back to their website is YouTube. If you have the talent and ability or resources to do videos, YouTube is huge. But again, if you like the platform and are good at using YouTube or can afford to hire the resources to produce video, YouTube would be another one to master. People love video, but you have to like it. So, my answer is you have to use what will become a part of your day to day life. You cannot use a social media tool that is uncomfortable to you or difficult to learn or use. Trial and error is the only way to be able to pick one single tool. Many people think Twitter is really hard to use and that is fine. I agree with them, because when I first starting using Twitter, I had no idea what I was doing. It took practice, practice, practice to get the hang of it. Now, for me, LinkedIn and Twitter are integrated and I love that so much. I guess I would say of all of the social media platforms out there, the platform I would miss most, would be LinkedIn, and Twitter would be second. Although I want to say Twitter would be first, because I really love Twitter, LinkedIn offers so much more and if Twitter were to go away, it would hurt my website traffic immensely, but at least I would still have LinkedIn to find people and have some conversations in groups. Before Twitter was mainstream, I would meet people in LinkedIn groups. Now with Twitter, I meet more people on there. I like Twitter because it is so fast-paced and mobile-friendly, but the audience on LinkedIn is made up of everybody and not just people in my industry. That is why I say LinkedIn is the single most important tool out there today and at a minimum, everybody in business should be using LinkedIn. It is a business standard today.


By: Linda Day Harrison



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