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Ask LDH of theBrokerList - Promoting CRE Listings on Linkedin


My answer to that question is yes and no. No Linkedin is not an MLS or a listing site, but Linkedin has many facets to it and if you can get creative, there are ways you can market your services or properties in a softer sell fashion. For instance, NEVER send out blast messages to people who you do not know or who are not people who have shown an interest in whatever you are selling. In other words, do not do anything spammy. To me spam is sending people something who are not requesting it or who are total strangers, etc. Spam is not sending a deal to colleagues in your market who are looking for deals.

So using Linkedin to promote listings can be done, but it has to be done with thought and precision. Getting creative could mean crafting an interesting story about a property or the property owner or the potential use of the property in a specific community and writing a blog about it in Pulse. Also, look for groups that permit deals to be shared and share deals with those members of those groups only. Do not push listings into groups that are geared towards a specific topic and focused on discussions. It is a common sense approach to using Linkedin with thought and not to just push out listings no matter who might read it or not.

Another idea is to create a movement in your market or niche for a group that you monitor and manage. Invite investors or anyone at all to join the group and post deals in those groups. This way, only those interested in posting deals join and it is opt-in. It really depends on what your property type is and how best to market and who your target audience is. I would always focus on the target market and figuring out who that target market is. That is the #1 thing you can do with Linkedin. You can find the right people, but it takes time and research to dig down and build up that audience and once that is done, it would make sense to notify those folks of the deals you have to offer, but I would not do it without that careful planning and consideration.

Thanks so much to Maddie of @CBCMMA for asking this question.


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