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7 No-Brainer Blogging Tips for New Real Estate Bloggers ... and Real Life Examples, Too!


We’re not going to lie. Getting started as a real estate blogger can seem a bit overwhelming at times. You’ve already got a lot on your plate juggling clients, properties and leads, and now you’re adding “part time content creator” to the job description.

When executed with thought and precision, however, real estate blogging can be a great way to build your brand recognition, expand your audience base and establish your presence as a thought-leader in your market.

Use these 7 no-brainer blogging tips for new real estate bloggers to bite off the overwhelming in small, manageable pieces.

#1: Network with Other Bloggers

When you’re just getting your feet wet in real estate blogging, reaching out to other bloggers is a great way to get to know the turf. Why not learn some tips from others who have forged through the interwebs before you? Here are 18 of the Best CRE Tech Blogs of 2015 to get you started.

Whether you connect in online forums or in person at real estate and tech events like CRE//Tech Intersect, Realcomm or ICSC RECon, go ahead and connect! The real estate blogosphere is a pretty friendly place and you’ll likely learn a thing or two. This is where guest blogging opportunities are made, relationships are forged and stories - the good, the bad and the ugly - are shared.

#2: Stay Active on Social Media

Writing great content is only great if it’s reaching your audience. Staying active on social media is the perfect way to ensure your content is getting the traction it needs to be seen, read and shared.

Want to see how the pros do it? Check out real estate thought leaders like Nick Romito, Brad Thomas, Brandon Weber, and others who are keeping active within the real estate social scene. You may also enjoy this list of the 20 Smartest Real Estate Marketing Blogs.

#3: Get Alerts

Getting customized news alerts via your inbox is perhaps one of the biggest hidden blogger gems out there. The News Funnel is a powerful tool for keeping you up-to-date on industry trends, interesting topics, hot news and anytime your company - or a company you’re interested in - is mentioned.

How? Simply set up a profile and set your news and email preferences - you’ll be emailed a digest with your customized newsfeed. You can tailor your newsfeed via The News Funnel to get national and local market news direct to your inbox from thousands of trusted media sources - and it’s free!

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Set up your free account or login here

  2. Customize your news preferences

  3. Follow companies to make sure their news streams to your news feed

  4. Sign up for email alerts; get a daily digest of your customized news headlines and sign up for alerts each time a company you follow is mentioned in the media or publishes content

Why is this useful? It’s perfect for knowing who’s talking about you or your brand. For keeping an eye on companies that interest you. Ideal for blog topic inspiration. Helps grow your real estate IQ ...  the list goes on.

#4: Use Your Experiences

Don’t be scared to show what you know - and what you’ve learned. Your real estate blog is your platform to not only share your experiences, but to also demonstrate you’re a thought-leader in your market.

Use your everyday experiences, business happenings and interactions to craft stories that resonate with your audience. And, use your specific knowledge of the industry, your niche or your local market to differentiate yourself from the rest.

Jonathan Schultz, avid real estate blogger and Managing Principal at Onyx Equities, recently published “4 Things I Learned About Gamification in the Men’s Bathroom.” It’s the perfect example for this no-brainer blogging tip.  

#5: Get in a Rhythm

Jeremy Neuer, Senior Vice President at CBRE New Jersey and avid real estate content creator, recently published an article called: “Lessons for Young Brokers: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan.” In it, he discusses the importance of planning out your work - including your blogging schedule - and then “working” your plan.

This lesson translates perfectly for new real estate bloggers, as finding the time to sit down and write is often perceived as one of the biggest hurdles to getting started. Don’t let this overwhelm you. Set aside time for your blogging and it will become less of a chore.

#6: Don’t Overlook the Headline

No matter how compelling your content is, you must capture your audience with a strong headline. There’s no one who does real estate blog headlines better than Duke Long, Owner/Broker at the Duke Long Agency.

BlockChain Bullshit, Attraction Marketing or How to Be Unfamous, Why #CRETech Does Not Matter … these are real blog titles. Got your attention, right?

When planning your blog titles, write down a few options and then step away. If you’ve got time on your side, come back to them in a day or two and choose the one that best sparks your interest. Maybe run a few options by your colleagues and friends - which titles would make them take action and click through to see the meat and potatoes?

You’ll get better with your titles in time, but this is a great way to gauge what will resonate with your audience as you’re starting out.

#7: Small Successes, Not Big Failures

Perhaps one of the biggest tips for new real estate bloggers is to not bite off more than you can chew. Remember: Small Successes, Not Big Failures. Blogging twice a week, for example, is likely unrealistic for a first-timer.

Set goals and keep yourself on schedule with an editorial calendar. Our recent blog, “6 Must-Haves for a Killer Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy,” offers some great advice on planning and executing your own editorial calendar. 

Putting it into Practice

Don’t let real estate blogging get overwhelming. Use these no-brainer tips to help you find your own groove.

If you need help getting started or creating compelling real estate content for your target audience, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of expert content writers. With services ranging from content creation to social media management, press release distribution and more, The News Funnel team can craft a content marketing plan that fits your budget and business objectives. Let’s get started!

For more inspiration, check out our FREE downloadable eBook: Everything You Need to Know to Start a Real Estate Content Marketing Plan.



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