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5 Trends for Marketing Commercial Real Estate in 2016


Without question, real estate is one of the most competitive industries in existence. To gain a strategic advantage, you need to modernize your marketing tactics and implement new strategies and tools. The ultimate goal is to improve the way that you communicate with potential and current clients—something possible by adapting to five specific trends.

Five Critical Trends

To improve your commercial real estate business, look into these five trends.

  1. Leveraging Data—When it comes to showing your strategic differentiation, data offers one of the most viable opportunities. The good news is that in today’s real estate market, you can leverage data in a variety of ways. Instead of being afraid, embrace key decisions, leverage data, and present information in a new and innovative way that helps drive clients toward more visualization.

  2. Digital Advertising—Another one of the five key trends for marketing commercial real estate this year involves taking full advantage of digital advertising. By using paid digital advertising as opposed to more traditional print methods, you can be incredibly creative in the way you present your real estate company. As a result, you have the ability to micro target buyers, measure impact for evaluation purposes, and then consistently evolve the visual message.

  3. Snack-Size Social Media—For some time, marketing professionals have pushed the “snack-size” method of delivering content. However, because of the type of services offered, few industries actually use this marketing strategy. The goal is to combine visuals with data and information, and then present it to potential and existing clients in smaller chunks. In other words, instead of serving a full-course meal, you offer snack-size bits of information that is easier to digest. Keep in mind that when using snack-sized social media marketing techniques, it is imperative that you remain consistent. As a result, your clients will view you and your real estate business as genuine professionals.

  4. Superior Content—The importance of providing clients with top-quality content cannot be stressed enough. Top-notch website, email, and blog content is equal to prime location when you’re advertising residential or commercial property. Be creative in the way that you offer content and use it on a consistent basis for pushing your message.

  5. Customized Campaigns—Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, make sure your marketing campaign is customized to the client. Over time, you learn the things that your clients deem important. Based on that understanding, you have the opportunity to create a marketing campaign according to each client’s need. As part of this, use different social media platforms for delivering your message.

Professional Content

As mentioned, you must provide current and potential clients with powerful content. The goal is to draw them in and keep them engaged. Even if you have great ideas and have written many blogs, our team of seasoned writers at The News Funnel can offer guidance and suggestions to take your content to the next level.



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