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4 Days at Sea: Real Estate Technology Withdrawals

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90% of Americans have a cell phone and on top of that, 67% of cell phone owners are constantly checking their phones, even if it doesn’t ring or vibrate. Last week, I was lucky enough to go on my company’s retreat to Cozumel! While cruising through the Gulf of Mexico, we were completely unplugged with no access to Wi-Fi or a 3G Network. Being disconnected never felt better and strange at the same time!

In our world today, and in my particular profession, I am never more than an arms reach from my iPhone, iPad, or laptop for more than 30 minutes at any given time. While on the boat, there were a few things that became very clear in the absence of technology.

Side Effects of Being at Sea:

- Severe Cell Phone Withdrawals: Whether it is scanning The News Funnel for the latest real estate news or updating REthink CRM’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Google+, it is a part of my job to stay connected. When we started to sail away from the port, I tweeted my last tweet and posted my final post for the next four days.

Thankfully, in offline mode, I still had access to two of my favorite applications, Spotify and REthink. I could jam out to some tunes all the while accessing my leads and clients in REthink through the Salesforce1 App

In real estate, you never know when you may need to capture a new lead or refer back to a listing on the go. With REthink’s Salesforce1 App, you always have access to all of your info in the palm of your hand.  

- SOS: With no cellular network, you can forget about browsing the web, text messaging, and navigating with GPS. The feeling of being off the grid made me miss the modern conveniences we sometimes take for granted. For example, Chatter, a social collaboration tool in REthink, allows users to communicate with co-workers, in real time, and share crucial information on the go.

- No Sense of Time: At sea, we were living on island time. The laid back, carefree lifestyle took some getting used to, but thankfully, I had my REthink calendar of events and upcoming tasks to stay on track even while enjoying the sun.

Some may argue that vacation is all about relaxing and unplugging but in real estate, we know that is not realistic.  An app like REthink CRM ensures that brokers and agents are always on top of their game, even when they are 1,000 miles offshore; closing deals has never been easier.


By: Chelsea MacDade

Marketing Specialist, Think Tech Labs

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