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3 Effective Ways to Promote Your Property Online


With 90 percent of all buyers beginning their search for a property online, it has become increasingly important for real estate professionals to market properties digitally. Since there are so many digital channels to choose from, below we’ve highlighted three of the most effective methods for promoting properties online.

Create a Branded Property Website

The first step in any online property marketing campaign should be the creation of a property website. With more and more properties being marketed online, it's critical to ensure that your property website stands out from the crowd and stays ahead of the competition.

Make a point to extend your digital footprint whenever possible. For example, make sure your property listings and other content can be easily shared by including social media sharing buttons.

It's also vital to leverage all of your marketing collateral. One effective way to do this is by using a custom domain name for each property website; this helps to create a lasting impression across all of your marketing materials and reinforce the branding.

Don't solely rely on property listing portals; today there are plenty of new marketing tools available that make it easy to create and launch a branded property website. New marketing tools are available that makes it easy to create an effective property website.

Get Active on Social Media

Hopefully you are already using social media to engage with prospective buyers...and if you aren’t, you are letting your competitors get ahead of you!

Social media platforms, like Twitter and LinkedIn, are extremely effective ways to build your brand, connect and engage with the community, drive traffic to your website and increase property exposure.

Know your audience by creating and sharing content that is tailored to them. Along with your own property promotions, share local market news, industry trends, market reports and more to engage with your audience and become a respected thought leader. On Twitter, use hashtags to extend your reach and use @ mentions to engage with particular clients, agents and companies. After you’ve created your own business page on LinkedIn, join and participate in local discussion groups to help you stay in touch with other agents and clients.

And of course, don’t forget to share the link to your property listings!

Email Marketing

Email marketing may sound old-fashioned, but it's still incredibly effective, so make sure you do not ignore this potential goldmine for marketing your properties. Build your email list of prospective buyers and leads and use services like Mailchimp to send professionally designed emails.



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