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25 of the Most Radical Real Estate Marketing Strategies


As a professional in the real estate industry, you know all about conventional marketing strategies. While most of these strategies are effective, if you want to take your business to the next level, you need to get radical. That does not mean going completely off the radar, but taking chances and being more innovative in your approach to doing business. To accomplish this, you might consider some of the following recommendations for gaining an edge over fierce competition.

Radical Marketing Strategies

  1. Get Social—You want to promote your real estate business on as many social media platforms possible, including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and more.

  2. Social Sharing—On your property pages, add social sharing that allows visitors to your website to share properties with family members and friends.

  3. Watch the Competition—Make sure you know what your competition is doing.

  4. Easier Contact—Make it easier for potential buyers and sellers to reach you by placing contact information on virtually every website page.

  5. Creative Business Card—Because business cards are still a viable marketing tool, have something radical created and leave cards wherever you go.

  6. Use Local Images—Along with a house, you are selling the neighborhood and community, so be sure to highlight special places, amenities, and events by using local images.

  7. Alluring Content—On your website and in blogs, use creative content consisting of things that buyers and sellers want to know. In addition, always include a call to action.

  8. Professional Photography—Investing in professional images is an excellent way to stand apart from the competition.

  9. Virtual Tour—Take prospective buyers into homes and businesses via a virtual tour.

  10. Local Sponsorship—Market and network by sponsoring a local school event, sports team, or festival.

  11. Pinterest—Never overlook the power of Pinterest for posting information and images pertaining to a specific property.

  12. Mobile-Friendly—Compared to computers, more people conduct searches using a mobile device, so make sure your website and blogs are mobile-friendly.

  13. Newsletter—Consider writing a powerful monthly newsletter that highlights properties and provides potential buyers and sellers with relevant information and ideas.

  14. Email Nurture Campaign—With this type of marketing campaign, you leave buyers and sellers a trail of virtual breadcrumbs to draw them in. Just be sure the “breadcrumbs” are tailored to the targeted audience.

  15. Google My Business Page— Google’s My Business Page helps users find you quicker and easier through Google+, Google Maps, and Google Search.

  16. Emotional Storytelling—Use innovative visual elements coupled with compelling content to prompt a human response.

  17. Webinar Hosting—To increase interest in your real estate business, host a webinar.

  18. Niche Market—Instead of targeting multiple markets, focus on one specific niche as a way of standing out.

  19. Social Ads—The cost of social ads is a worthwhile investment, allowing you to get in front of potential buyers and sellers.

  20. Mailers—Mailers are still an effective means of marketing. Something as simple as a professionally made postcard can make a huge difference in the success of your real estate business.

  21. Local Magazine Contributor—Check with several local magazines about becoming a regular contributor or columnist pertaining to real estate.

  22. Free Seminars—Guide potential buyers, especially those just entering the real estate market, by hosting a free seminar.

  23. Branding—Whether you’re using t-shirts, cups, pens, golf balls, or some other type of merchandise, branding is critical to success.

  24. Local Business Partnerships—Partner with a number of local businesses by hosting events, doing radio spots, or giving out promotional items.

  25. Testimonials—Former and present client testimonials will go a long way in building your real estate business.

Additional Strategies

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