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20 of the Smartest Real Estate Marketing Blogs


Real estate marketing blogs are interesting to read and informative. One of the most efficient ways to stay on top of happenings in the world of real estate is by reading smart blogs. These online resources will serve to inform and inspire.

Top 20

  1. Agent Image Blog – Even with the cloud, many people are unaware how to manage their web presence. Through this material, you can learn how to be in better control.

  2. Crib Chatter – This blog provides overviews of homes, as well as penthouses and condominiums, in the multimillion-dollar range throughout the Chicago area.

  3. LIenrock Blog – With this smart blog, you receive a weekly top 10 list and helpful videos to expand your knowledge of commercial real estate.

  4. Blogging Real Estate in NoVa – As a licensed real estate broker working out of the Washington, DC, area, Chuck Rifae offers information beneficial to the residential real estate market.

  5. Coy Davidson Blog – To learn about commercial real estate with a focus on demographics and technology, this is a great blog.

  6. FlyerCo – This blog is known for boosting business through excellent tips pertaining to leads, traffic, and search referrals.

  7. Getting Real Blog – Written by Gary Lucido, this blog focuses on the Chicago market along with key real estate players.

  8. Real Estate Communities Blog – For buying and selling homes, the blogger, Chris Savage, offers a unique perspective about technological trends.

  9. The Real Estate Bloggers – This blog written by Tom Royce focuses on mortgage information and real estate development.

  10. Real FX Group Blog – For great insight into the most current real estate trends, Anthony Gilbert nails it.

  11. BoomTown Blog – With this blog, writers offer compelling content about the future of real estate.

  12. BrokerSavant Blog – This team of bloggers offers incredible insight on economic implications pertaining to CRE.

  13. Duke Long Blog – This smart blog talks about how digital marketing and social media impact networking and commercial real estate.

  14. Union Street Media Blog – For driving traffic to your site, this blog offers tremendous answers and insight.

  15. The Geek Estate Blog – For tips on finance, digital media, and real estate veterans, this is the blog to read.

  16. The Broker List - Founded by Linda Day Harrison, this blog features some of the big hitters of the CRE world. 

  17. The Housing Bubble Blog – The price boom and economy are key topics written about by Ben Jones.

  18. Properties Online Blog – To learn about tools for driving more traffic and getting more leads, this blog is exceptional.

  19. Real Estate Marketing Blog – For optimizing websites with videos, social media tools, and other resources, Vinny La Barbera is exceptional.

  20. Intero Real Estate Blog – Based in California, this blog provides updates on local events specific to high-end homes.

Passionate about Real Estate

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