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17 Best Places in the United States to Retire in 2016


As baby boomers become older, we’re beginning to see a surge in the number of retirees. In 2016, you have incredible opportunities in terms of places to live. Of course, the ultimate decision is based on a number of factors, including finances, health, family, and personal preference. Among the many places to consider, the following 17 are particularly worth consideration.

Top Places to Retire

  1. Apache Junction, Arizona—Located outside of Phoenix, Apache Junction is famous for its Superstition Mountain, with its legend of Indian tribes protecting the land from outsiders. The 37,000 people who live in Apache Junction enjoy the remarkable desert views.

  2. Colorado Springs, Colorado—About an hour’s drive from Denver, Colorado Springs is simply gorgeous. The median home price $243,000—much less than home prices in neighboring Denver. Three of the most popular attractions include Seven Falls, Pikes Peak, and Garden of the Gods.

  3. Cape Coral, Florida—In addition to beautiful weather and above-average air quality, the cost of living in this part of Florida is 4 percent lower than the national average.

  4. Largo, Florida—Largo has a cost of living that is 13 percent lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to live. However, Largo is also above average in the number of doctors per capita, which is perfect for retirees.

  5. Athens, Georgia—This beautiful city offers exciting things to see and do, as well as low crime rates. Another benefit of retiring in Athens is the excellent state tax climate.

  6. Lexington, Kentucky—Known as the “horse capital of America,” Lexington is beautiful, boasting sprawling acres and plenty of open green spaces. There is also plenty of volunteer work available in this walkable city.

  7. Traverse City, Michigan—With a median home price of just $166,000, this is an excellent place to retire. Because Traverse City is a water-oriented resort town, there is a nice balance of tourists and locals.

  8. Columbia, Missouri—Although it’s a college town, Columbia has a nice balance of students and retirees. The area boasts rolling hills and a cost of living 5 percent lower than the national average. Columbia is also ranked among the best cities for successful aging according to the Milken Institute.

  9. Lincoln, Nebraska—Lincoln is scenic and easy to get around, and has superior air quality. As the state capital of Nebraska and a college town, the city also holds a unique blend of residents.

  10. Brevard, North Carolina—The economy is really good in Brevard, making this a great place to retire. Natural attractions like mountains and waterfalls add to the allure.

Other Notable Cities

Along with these 10 popular places for retirement, you might also consider:

  • Fargo, North Dakota

  • Mount Airy, North Carolina

  • Corvallis, Oregon

  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Bluffton, South Carolina

  • Abilene, Texas

  • Blacksburg, Virginia

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