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10 Rules That Every Real Estate Blogger Should Follow


If you are interested in becoming a top real estate blogger or perhaps want to hone your skills, there are some definite rules to follow. By understanding these rules, you can take your blogging to an entirely different level and soon have a much stronger following.

The Top 10 Rules for Real Estate Blogging

  1. Be Original – The last thing readers want is regurgitated information, so make sure your content is fresh and original. Step outside the box and come up with something different.
  2. Be Bold – You can be straightforward without coming across as a know-it-all. Never be afraid to provide readers with facts.
  3. Be a Storyteller – Always tell a story, one with a beginning, middle, and end, with a lot of great ideas or information in between.
  4. Offer Value – Offer your readers information to make it easier for them to make a decision. In every sentence, provide readers with something of genuine value. Readers need to walk away after reading your blog feeling as if they just hit the jackpot for great information.
  5. Use Photos – Because many people are visual, images help draw them in and make a connection with the blog. Photographs can be extremely powerful in delivering a message and for networking purposes.
  6. Challenge Wisdom – You can also challenge the wisdom of your readers with fresh content. Through blogs, you have the opportunity to unleash a wealth of information on thousands of topics, so use this to your advantage. Typically, the more a person feels challenged, the more he or she is intrigued by the content.
  7. Proof Is in the Pudding – Rather than telling people about new technology available for real estate or new programs specifically designed for agents, provide detailed information as to how it works and what the benefits are.
  8. Strong Titles – The title of your blog post has to be strong. It needs to stand out on its own while providing readers with a small glimpse into the subject matter. Think of the title as a kind of teaser to the content.
  9. Social Media – Use all of the top social media platforms, including Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, to reach readers.
  10. Keep It Positive – Even when blogging about a negative topic, there is a way to make it read positive. You never want blogs to come across as dark and dreary, so if the topic is negative, add some positive spins.

Professional Blogging

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