It all got started in Austin, TX back in the early 90's before the internet. Office leasing agents had to call other agents on the phone to find what was available in their marketplace.


Commercial Office Space has been a dominant player in the Commercial Real Estate market for many years now. Most businesses need office space and thus the market keeps growing bigger and bigger every day. Real Estate Developers, office leasing agents and tenants alike needed a means to share information about what office space was available, at what price and its location.


The Austin Office Building Report This was a time when the internet was not available to click to answers and solutions. I was the creator and publisher, of a quarterly publication, called the Austin Office Building Report, in the early 1990's, which was a printed and CD ROM directory of available office space, in Austin TX. Real Estate Brokers loved it and 99% of the brokers kept their properties updated in the publication.


I loved my job but I got frustrated! With the coming of the internet there was a revolution in every business field and all markets. But even 25 years later there still wasn't a source on the internet that would allow me to search for an actual office suite that had for example, 7 offices, a reception area, a conference room and was move-in ready. So I decided to develop; an interactive office leasing directory of available Commercial Office and upcoming Retail Space.


So whether you are looking for office or retail space to lease, has it all! It's an online directory that connects tenants looking for space with the leasing agents that offer exactly what they are looking for just clicks away! We live in a world where everything is quick, convenient and available; so why not have the same advantage in locating available office and retail space. All the information on the website can be accessed by tenants' as well as commercial real estate leasing professionals at no expense. is the medium through which information can be presented in an easy to read format that allows tenants to find a needle in the haystack! Landlords can provide the information on their available properties, for $30.00, and can showcase as many properties as they wish. Search Map Even better, gives you two simple lines of html code that allows you to add the same service on our website to yours; same search function without any branding. Finally a service that can connect tenants with leasing agents and perfectly match their requirements - all in a prompt and simple way.


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