Storefront simplifies the complex search and rental process for retailers interested in going direct-to-consumer and helps commercial space owners fill empty space with the right brand.

Currently active in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Hong Kong, the Storefront network has 10,000+ listings representing $1.2 billion of annualized rental value.

Offline channels drive 94% of retail sales and allow brands to connect with their customers in a personal way. Our service engenders today’s most affordable and convenient ways to generate new sales channels and brand awareness: Pop-Up Stores, Showrooms, Private Sales, Product Launches, and Events. Storefront connects brands with a unique variety of retail spaces - trendy showrooms, neighborhood boutiques, booths at street fairs and art galleries. Our vision is to provide access to premium Pop-Up Spaces on every high street, in every city, around the world.


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P. (646) 851-2642
1407 Broadway
New York, NY 10018
Media Contact Name: Virginia Thomas Gray

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Architecture - Design, Commercial Leasing Brokerage, Retail Brokerage, Sales and Marketing, Technology

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Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco

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