Seahaven is a real estate appraisal company located in Southwest Florida. Capt. Fred Rossiter is a State Certified Appraiser, Certified Collateral Valuation Specialist, State Licensed Real Estate Broker, former Florida Special Magistrate and a USCG Licensed Captain. Capt. Fred Rossiter is the Principal. He provides brokerage and appraisal services, consulting services and he publishes a web site that provides affordable solutions to Florida residents with property tax problems. Among those solutions is The Special Magistrate's Seminarâ„¢ which educates and trains homeowners how to successfully appeal their assessments to lower their Florida property taxes. Rossiter's web sites are: and

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2804 El Dorado Boulevard North
Lee County, FL 33993

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Appraisal, Consulting, Residential Brokerage

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Residential - Multi-Family, Residential - Single Family


Miami / South Florida, Orlando

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