RKC-Ventures c/o R.K. CALDWELL Inc.

New York

Who We Are


RKC Ventures invest as a venture capital company into real estate operating companies located in or around live-to-work, transit, and high employment growth communities through private securities. 


R.K. Caldwell, a developer and asset management company to real estate operating companies.


We are not a capital markets company.  R.K. Caldwell engages with real estate operators by participating in a strategic relationship in exchange for equity.


Our Management Team performs the required financial and investment modeling to structure each real estate investment.  

What We Do

 We maintain an ongoing relationship with management of the real estate operating company.  Therefore, our due diligence,  investment and underwriting analysis is more complex than a lender ‘s would be. 


We first perform a cursory analysis of the existing project to determine if it fits within our portfolio parameters. 

If it does we send a list of required deliverable's to complete our due diligence process. 


We then draft an outline of a proposed memorandum of understanding and term sheet.  Upon execution of the Memorandum of Understanding and Term Sheet. 


We perform the necessary and required financial modeling and investment analysis of cash flows, valuation and return summary and a return over time report to properly reflect the co-equity investment. The Financial modeling performed will include debt assumptions for the real estate project.


The above serves as the basis to prepare the investment structure with the real estate operating company for our private securities transaction.


Contact Information

Main Offices -

P. (212) 220-7256
One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton Street, STE
New York, NY 10007
Media Contact Name: Richard Caldwell
Email: rcaldwell@rkcaldwell.com

Company Categories: 

Commercial Leasing Brokerage, Construction, Consulting, Development - Ownership, Investment Sales Brokerage, Private Equity, Property and Asset Management, REIT, Residential Development, Sales and Marketing

Industry Segments: 

Hospitality, Office, Residential - Multi-Family


Atlanta, Baltimore, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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