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Identified as one of the top five real estate brands in the world by leading world real estate authority Stefan Swanepoel, Harcourts were encouraged to strive even more to ensure further growth - and they focussed on growth within the commercial sector. In 2010, Harcourts joined with NAI Global, the fourth largest commercial real estate services group in the world, and NAI Harcourts was born. Launched to meet the needs of property owners, developers and occupiers it has quickly found its place in New Zealand commercial services and continues to gain positive momentum.


As the consequences of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit the real estate services world in 2009, there emerged a market opportunity to launch a business in Australasia to meet the needs of property owners, developers and occupiers as well as the needs of traditionally independent real estate firms who previously had competed as individual firms. The market was ready for a new and fresh participant created from the culture of accountability that comes from independent ownership yet recognises the importance of being coordinated and consistent in order to deliver quality service and solutions.


NAI Harcourts is the result.


It is a joint venture which combines the resources of NAI Global, Harcourts International and also the brand under which commercial real estate and business broking services previously provided in New Zealand and Australia under the Harcourts Commercial brand are now delivered.


NAI Global is the 4th largest commercial real estate services company in the world. Harcourts International is a fast growing Australasian-based franchise network with a strong foundation in the residential property market.


They share a common objective: to be a force in the Australian and New Zealand commercial real estate markets and to work together to achieve this.

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Commercial Leasing Brokerage

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Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Residential - Multi-Family, Retail

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