Today's generation of landlords and property managers now have a new way to help them run a more efficient and successful business - For the first time NY landlords and managers have free, unlimited access to a team of experts, virtual collaboration of their peers and a plethora of real estate services and resources, all in one place. It's an ongoing challenge to run a successful, efficient business in a complex market like New York. You must stay on top of every facet of the industry; laws, regulations, insurance, tenant actions, court procedures, contracts... the list goes on and on. A problem for many landlords is that short of having a large circle of close friends or family in the real estate business to turn to for guidance, they are left trying to process everything on their own! Until now, that meant spending an abundance of time and energy trolling through multiple sources and paying experts for answers to quick, simple questions. Not anymore!

For every landlord or property manager that is scratching their head over a new problem, there is another who has experienced the same issue and has the solution. connects the two!

LandlordsNY was founded by a collaboration of landlords who have been working in their respective fields in NY for many years. As landlords and managers ourselves, we know that sometimes you just wish you knew what your fellow NY landlords were doing. Now you can! No matter what question or issue you're dealing with, LandlordsNY can help you find a solution. Get free advice from top legal, financial, and regulatory experts and confer with complete confidentiality on any issue within a private community of other landlords.

We've also developed an extensive Vendors Directory that allows you to find qualified vendors for any product/service you might need. With a simple search you can quickly choose a vendor and get back to business. What separates our Vendor Directory is the ability to give preferred vendors a 'thumbs up' or virtual recommendation. This is very handy when you need a service in which you don't have prior experience. It's like calling your neighbor for a plumber and knowing they'll recommend someone you can trust.

LandlordsNY is committed to your success. We're open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please share with us what works well for you, what can be improved, and what else would be of service. We're always evolving and looking for new ways to bring our members the tools they need to succeed.

Custom programming for landlords and property managers? Yes, we do that too! LandlordsTV is a production of LandlordsNY that focuses on interesting, engaging, educational and sometimes funny real estate related content. We feature videos from various events that we attend and host as well as custom programming that's created specifically for landlords and property managers. We highlight featured vendors and focus on issues that our owner and manager members have identified as important.

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