H2Odegree is a manufacturer of wireless sensors that provides solutions for measuring and controlling utility commodities globally, allowing customers to improve their overall financial performance. We create software that operates these wireless networks to monitor and control utility usage.
With utility expenses having such a significant role on operating costs, H2Odegree’s strategy as a manufacture is to provide solutions for our customers so they can achieve maximum value from their energy information, increase their NOI as well as reduce their operating expenses by utilizing our portfolio of products. We teach conservation, control their utility consumption and allow customers to bill for utilities they typically could not bill for.
As the world’s largest point of use water sub metering company we provide daily leak reports that identify both the leak and its size through H2Odegree’s daily leak reports to the property. gasLights

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P. (215) 788-8485
3580 Progress Drive
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Email: rwhiffen@h2odegree.com

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