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The strength of our organization is focused on achieving the following: Maximize members professional and personal success through active participation in CREW San Francisco. Position CREW San Francisco as a respected industry leader. Talking about the CREW-Volution! When CREW SF was founded 25 years ago, women in commercial real estate were ready for a revolution. Educated, motivated, and ready to “do the deal,” a number of professionals realized what was missing in their quest for success: contacts, referrals, and camaraderie—all essential ingredients in the business dealings of their male counterparts. And they saw opportunities beyond a “good ol’ boys” redux; CREW SF’s founders looked to the diverse professions that touched commercial real estate and invited them to be part of the evolution of how business is done. Within 5 years, this forward-thinking organization evolved into a national federation. CREW SF is growing strong, with over 250 seasoned, well- educated, financially successful real estate professionals representing every business sector in corporate real estate.

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