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Buddy Agent helps real estate brokers and agents earn more money while helping busy agents protect their time and priorities. With the Buddy Agent system (available on the web or as an app), busy agents can send excess business to less-busy agents within their firm, while offering a financial incentive.

Within seconds, an agent can leverage the availability other agents in the firm, and find the perfect buddy to assist when conflicts arise. Buddy Agent’s unique “Smart Match” technology quickly finds the perfect buddy based on availability, location, expertise, and language.

With Buddy Agent, brokers get better brand exposure and grow their bottom line because agents can be more productive. So the firm lands more deals and takes on new clients more quickly. Additionally, agents are less likely to burn out and leave, which means less stress, less turnover, and lower recruitment costs.


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P. (888) 800-6765
Alexandria, Virginia 22315
Alexandria, VA 22315
Media Contact Name: Mohammad Hashmi
Email: mhashmi@mybuddyagent.com

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Sales and Marketing, Technology

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Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Residential - Multi-Family, Residential - Single Family, Retail

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