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The secret to our success has been hard work, innovation and adaptation in a dynamic industry in the most challenging real estate market on the planet. Day by day since our inception in February 1995 we closely scrutinize the market and our performance, always striving to improve. Businesses are no different than any living organism and changes which enable a business to better adapt to an ever-changing environment are necessary for its survival and evolution. Ardor New York Real Estate is a mid-sized firm that sells and rents property throughout New York City. We began as a small apartment rental company on the Upper East Side of Manhattan dealing primarily with inexpensive rent stabilized apartments. Within the first two years of our operation we were able to become the dominant player in our market sector on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and triple our sales force. What really transformed our company and expanded its reach and services was the advent of the Internet and new information technologies.

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Residential Brokerage, Residential Development

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Residential - Multi-Family, Residential - Single Family


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