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Architects | Engineers | Construction | Designers Landscape Architects | Planners | Developers | Realtors The AEC Professionals Circle is a regional networking community that brings together the finest architecture, engineering and construction professionals in your area. Our monthly social events provide ample opportunity for members to make meaningful, industry-specific connections. There is nothing like meeting face to face, exchanging ideas in person and making real, live connections with people who share your professional interests and goals. We welcome you to join our growing network and discover for yourself how the AEC Professionals Circle can help you further your business goals through the power of relationships. You never know where your next referral will come from!

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P. (201) 895-1244
253 10th Street #4l
Hudson County, NJ 07030

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Trade Associations

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Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Residential - Multi-Family, Residential - Single Family, Retail


New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania

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