7 tips to find a great coworking space

If you’ve read our article on the benefits of coworking compared to traditional office spaces, you already know that shared office spaces are spreading like wildfire for a good reason. However, as their numbers increase, it’s becoming quite difficult to find a coworking space that will suit your needs and your budget. In order to help you weed out the good from the bad and find exactly what you need in a coworking space, here’s a list of eight useful tips you can use while searching for the next place to settle in and become a member of a coworking community.

  1. Ask for a test drive

Most coworking spaces will offer you a tour or a free day to try out their space. Do make sure to use this opportunity and scope out every aspect of your potential future workplace.

  1.      Look for office features

While you may take copying, printing and scanning for granted in your traditional office space, not all coworking spaces will offer you these features, so do ask around if you can have them at your disposal. Here you can also add the use of common rooms, kitchens, storage space, conference rooms, phone rooms etc.

  1.      Check the lease terms

One of the key reasons people want to get away from the usual office environments are the fixed lease terms. Look for those spaces where you can pay for your lease on a month-to-month basis and where you can easily expand from one to two or more desks, for example.

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