7 breakfast ideas that are guaranteed to make you want to get up early

Preparing a well-balanced breakfast does not have to be time-consuming. Even for the morning busy parents in a hurry there are breakfast ideas that are healthy and delicious.

1. Sweet and savory waffles

Waffles are great energy sources for the day. Caffeine fans can enjoy their waffles with coffee syrup, sweet tooths can add cocoa powder to the dough and conjure up chocolate waffles, who may like it fruity and refine their waffles with a grapefruit maple syrup sauce.


If you are afraid that you have to stand in the kitchen forever for these tasty waffles, you do not have to worry! The thin waffle maker is the best way of having perfect waffles.
2. Make your own cereal mix

Even if you do not have time in the morning, you are not obliged to feel satisfied with a cereal box from the supermarket: at online shops, you can mix and match your individual organic muesli. It is good to prepare the day before and also suitable for those in a hurry.


If you do not like the consistency of conventional muesli, roll a healthy muesli-quark mixture into small balls, sprinkle it with sesame seeds and enjoy it as a power ball.


And those who are in a hurry in the morning but can spare a little of their precious time on the weekend can easily make their own healthy muesli - without added sugar, which is usually present in purchased cereals.

3. Spice up your scrambled eggs

Treat yourself with the little morning luxury of the famous scrambled egg or with an omelet. This not only gets a pleasant warmth in the stomach, but can also provide for completely new taste sensations.


Try some scrambled eggs with rocket and parmesan, scrambled eggs with smoked trout and chives, scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spring onions, scrambled eggs with lemon grass or a Mediterranean version with rosemary, basil, tomatoes, and ham.

4. Have your bread differently

It does not always have to be jam: from the warm slice of bread, you can get real little wonders from sweet to savory. A delicious fruity variety without jam is bread with mango slices and grated coconut.


If you like it fishy for breakfast, you can prepare your bread with salmon tartare and cress. An alternative for Nutella fans is chocolate sandwiches with margarine, sesame seeds, and thin dark chocolate bars.


Bring sandwiches to let your creativity run wild and see what your fridge so forth. For a happy morning, you can have slices of toast that are soaked in milk and eggs, baked golden brown in the pan and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

5. Drink your breakfast

If you are too lazy to chew in the morning, you can mix delicious, healthy liquid breakfast variants and throw them into the blender. Whether vegetable or fruit smoothies: let your creativity run wild.


A berry smoothie with frozen berries or in the berry season with fresh berries, banana and oatmeal are super satiety. A dash of exoticism in the morning brings an apple-mango-sea buckthorn juice, and for the vitamin, C depot is super.

6. Breakfast from the oven

Back to the oats, but this time not on the stove, but in the oven: sweet but sugar-free.

There are oatmeal, flax seeds and/or chia seeds, nuts, ripe bananas, some water and spices.


Just put it together and put it in the oven for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, brush your teeth, shower, get dressed, and whatever else you do in the morning.

7. Banana cakes with only 3 ingredients

If pancakes are too complex for you or you just want to try something different, then be sure to check out the recipes for the sweet banana cakes. They consist of only three ingredients and are very easy to prepare: mash the bananas, oatmeal and some flour, fry them in portions with a little oil in a pan. The leftovers also taste great cold as a small biscuit snack.

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