5 hottest shared offices spaces in DUMBO, New York

If you’re in the IT business and you’ve been looking for a great coworking or shared office space location in New York, you have without a doubt heard that DUMBO is the hot spot for Brooklyn and NYC startups. DUMBO has gone through several transformations – from a ferry landing location with industrial and warehouse buildings, to a haven for artist galleries and finally to a tech startup paradise which it is today. As a result, this is currently the hottest place to be for a young startup company, and consequently it is one of the priciest parts of New York for both work and living at this moment. Hence why this is also a spot for some excellent coworking spaces, where workers get the benefit of low starting rents and sharing space with some of the brightest minds in New York’s startup scene.

In order to help you settle on the best coworking/shared office space in DUMBO, here are our five best picks. Depending on your startup and whether your preferred perks include a ping pong table or unlimited beer on tap (yes, there is such a thing), you’ll have a hard time deciding between these great coworking locations in DUMBO.


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