10 Reasons for College Students to Study Real Estate Business

Real estate business doesn’t seem to lose pace in recent years. On the contrary, it keeps growing and it gives a boost to realtor specialists all around the globe. With the number of people living in the cities increasing steadily over decades, the construction industry is also growing and providing huge opportunities for real estate agents to step up and show their skills. 

Realtors have great knowledge of all sorts of industry-related topics – from tax regulations and finance to insurance and bank procedures. It’s such a versatile business that offers many career paths after college. In this article, we will explain what makes real estate a perfect college choice for you.

Why choose real estate?

Students have so many options to choose as there are hundreds of different majors available nowadays. But being a real estate agent gives you the opportunity to exercise communication skills and to show that you are a proactive salesperson. It can also help you expand the professional network and secure a comfortable future in the business. But let’s see the top 10 reasons for college students to study this major.

  • Considerable number of renowned colleges

Colleges tend to follow market trends and many of them offer great real estate programs. They can give you strong knowledge about the business, especially the best ones. But rest assured that you will learn a lot at any real estate program if you work hard enough, so keep in mind these productivity tips for college students

  • Practical knowledge

College real estate courses provide you with the best mix of theoretical and practical knowledge. Once you start working as a realtor, you’ll discover that it is easy to directly apply the knowledge you gained in all sorts of everyday situations.

  • Great earnings potential

One of the biggest advantages of being a real estate agent is that you set your own rhythm and don’t have limitations regarding your earnings. You are free to prove your knowledge and make substantial annual incomes. 

  • New generation of young purchasers

The new generation of Millennials is gradually becoming the biggest workforce globally. At the same time, they have a huge purchasing power and make one-third of the home-buyers market share. Therefore, new realtors will have a chance to profit from the rise of Y-generation.

  • Flexible work hours

Realtors usually have a free spirit and don’t really enjoy the 9-to-5 regime. That’s why real estate market is perfect for them – they determine work hours and when it’s time to take a break. Just like our fellow experts from Australian Writings stated: “Flexible work hours make us all more relaxed and more efficient. And that’s all we need to produce the best results.”

  • Small towns step up

Small towns are eager to adopt the 24-hour model and provide a constant flow of people and events. It means that smaller cities also have to adapt to the urban model of a metropolis and develop local infrastructure. Needless to say, that’s a huge opportunity for real estate agents.

  • You are the decision maker

If you don’t really feel like a team player, real estate offers you a chance to act on your own and make decisions by yourself. Whatever you do, you do it your way.

  • Various job opportunities

Real estate is not only about the sales. Besides being the realtor, you can work in planning and development, become a commercial surveyor and property manager, or do one of so many other jobs.

  • Real estate is stable business

Yes, there are occasional fluctuations and market turbulence but real estate is pretty much solid and stable business. With a continuous demand for urbanization, real estate essentials keep improving and the prices today are even at their all-time peaks.

  • Social media

A significant amount of contemporary real estate business is made through referrals and recommendations from loyal buyers, which suggests that social media can play an important role in realtor sales. It proves that new agents can use this well-known but also a cheap technique to gain consumers, which makes their job a lot easier.



Real estate is a relatively new word in contemporary business and it provides so many options for future agents. That’s why students should take the opportunity to study it as their college major – it can really offer you a good and profitable career. With so many advantages, it is one of the most promising professions globally, so don’t hesitate to enroll in one of the colleges.

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